Virtual try-on belongs to the category of AR or augmented reality. This gives customers the chance to try on the glasses themselves with no need for them to actually touch the products. Everything is done virtually using a smartphone that captures the images in real-time.

Try glasses online
Try glasses online allows you to check out your selected frames from all angles

The ability to virtually try on items lends customers an opportunity to know exactly how a pair of glasses looks on them. Whether it is a pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses, virtually trying on these items enables both retailers and customers to connect with each other. It eliminates the need to deal with the common concern of customers having to come to physical stores to buy a pair. 

How Does a Virtual Try-on Tool Work?

From fashion sunglasses to prescription glasses, eyeglass makers use powerful and effective virtual try-on tools for both of these categories. A virtual try-on works easily with the following steps:

  1. Start by browsing through the different eyeglass models. You could filter these by material, color, style, or gender.
  2. Once you find the exact frame that you like, just choose it then click on the Try Me On button on top of the photo of the product.
  3. Let your webcam how the glasses look on your face or you can also upload a picture.

As simple as that, you can try glasses online with ease. 

How Virtual Try-on Helps Eyeglass Makers

Eyeglass makers can greatly benefit from investing in virtual try-on tools for their customers. Here are the top benefits of virtual try-on tools for today’s eyeglass makers.

A Virtual Try-On System for Prescription Eyeglasses

Customer Engagement 

Customer experience is all about customer engagement. Eyeglass brands that use tools that allow their customers to try glasses online can take advantage of better customer engagement since it puts the powers in the hands of the customers themselves. 

Customers get the chance to choose exactly what they want to buy in the end. With the help of augmented reality, it has become faster and easier for customers to buy glasses with no need to move away from their couch. It is more likely for customers to engage with brands that offer them a more consistent experience. 

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